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Tuesday, November 12, 2019

What can Fred Rogers teach us about theology?

A church dedicated to radical hospitality and welcome creates a fresco that permanently enshrines those values and the faces of those it serves.
Strategy questions
  • How might the arts provide a means for your congregation to honor what you care about?
  • Haywood's pastor says that "people are desperate for beauty." What does that look like in your context? 
By Jessica Young Brown
With collaboration and clear communication, bivocational ministry can be an opportunity to innovate and thrive, says a professor and counselor for ministers. 
Q&A with Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove
The author and activist tells how the religious right monopolized public faith and family values, and how Christians can change the conversation. 
By Dave Odom
Planning for the future is not primarily about trimming costs or adding a bit of revenue. A strategic sustainability plan involves regularly revisiting foundational questions about your program's purpose and impact. 
Q&A with Shea Tuttle
Fred Rogers' faith wasn't perfect, but his view of the world offered mercy, love and grace, says the author of the book "Exactly As You Are: The Life and Faith of Mister Rogers." 
Q&A with Lee Wellington
When faith leaders come together around manufacturing, they can change the perception of what it means to be a maker, says the executive director of the Urban Manufacturing Alliance. 

The annual Calvin Symposium on Worship is a three-day conference in early 2020 sponsored by the Calvin Institute of Christian Worship and the Center for Excellence in Preaching. The conference brings together artists, musicians, pastors, scholars, students, worship leaders and planners, and other interested worshipers.

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