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Thursday, November 28, 2019

'The Two Popes,' an imagined conversation

In 'The Two Popes,' an imagined conversation expresses a universal need for tolerance

by Sr. Rose Pacatte
Though the new film about a series of encounters between Pope Benedict XVI and Pope Francis is largely fictional, it deals well with church history, the papacy, the mysteries of faith and communion. It also has something to say about the antagonistic level of public discourse in the U.S.

Mission of kindness: TV's 'Mr. McFeely' recalls the witness of Mr. Rogers

by Don Clemmer
David Newell, who got his start with Fred Rogers in the late '60s, just as "Mister Rogers' Neighborhood" was beginning, spoke with NCR about the personal faith and sense of mission that animated Rogers' work and how that revealed itself in his daily life with "kindnesses," big and small.

Student activists speaking up for the planet, then and now

by Bill Mitchell
Perspective: On the same day that Notre Dame students called on Mayor Pete Buttigieg and the South Bend Common Council to enact a version of the Green New Deal, former students recalled their demands from 50 years ago.

Sharing an abundance of grateful columns

by Michele Morek
GSR Today: We are grateful for our readers, our staff and our abundance of good columnists. As a Thanksgiving gift, we have gone to our treasury of good columns and selected a few to share with you.

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