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Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Could neo-paganism be the new 'religion' of America?

Pope Francis meets with priest to discuss LGBTQ Catholics
Religion News Service: Pope Francis met with American Jesuit priest James Martin, a move some advocates say is a signal of support for a priest who has come under fire for calling on Catholics to be more compassionate to LGBTQ people.
National Catholic Reporter: Catholic LGBT advocates praise Francis' meeting with Jesuit Fr. Jim Martin

Southern Baptist civility study examines why we don't get along
Baptist News Global: Read a newspaper, put down the smart phone and get to know your neighbors. These are among suggested remedies for a "caustic, toxic, ignorant and corrosive" American public square in a study by the Southern Baptist Convention.

Could neo-paganism be the new 'religion' of America?
Big Think: Witchcraft and pagan spiritualities are on the rise in the United States -- especially within mainstream youth culture.

Judge (again) finds Iowa violated Christian group's rights
Inside Higher Ed: For the second time this year, a federal court rules that University of Iowa breached the group's First Amendment rights by de-registering it. This time, the judge says individual administrators could be liable.

What happens when teams fight burnout together
Harvard Business Review: Without challenging the deeply embedded mindset that more, bigger, faster is always better, institutional wellbeing offerings don't get fully supported, nor are they widely and freely utilized.

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