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Wednesday, August 21, 2019

The Year of Mercy is over.

The Year of Mercy is over. It’s time for a Year of Justice

Joshua Hren

The Holy Father has had his “Year of Mercy.” Now it’s time we had a Year of Justice. Of course, an Anno Iustitiae wouldn’t the antimony of the Anno Misericordiam, but its necessary corollary. A person is said to be merciful, Aquinas observes, when he knows sorrow in his heart (miserum cor) over the miseries of another, and […]

“Go to the margins”? Traditionalists have been here all along

Charles Coulombe

Pope Francis has repeatedly urged Catholics to “go to the margins,” insisting that the Church’s credibility rises or falls with her care for the marginalized. I must say that I believe His Holiness to be entirely correct—though not, perhaps, in the way the National Catholic Reporter might read those words. as many of the events […]

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