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Tuesday, July 30, 2019

The Question of Meaning with Pastor Carlos

The Question of Meaning

The readings this Sunday invite us to examine our life in terms of the big questions, such as: what matters most to us? What do our choices reflect? What drives our life?

For some young people, the way they answer the question of meaning provides a direction for their life and the commitments they make, and for others, who may have been blessed with having lived a long life, the question of meaning may come toward the end, as they try to frame the choices they made into a meaningful narrative. 
I spoke the other day with a contractor who volunteered to give me some advice for fixing a problem in the basement of the church. Yet we spoke more about life than about the basement. He shared how he lived with many years with resentment in his heart. When he was much younger, another man had tried to rob his father of his life. Although he restrained his impulse for vengeance thanks to both of his parents who insisted that vengeance would only lead to his ruin, he could not shake off his resentment for years.

He knew in his mind that Christ spoke about forgiveness, but he wanted a sign that indeed Christ was calling him to forgive that man.

One day, he experienced a religious experience, which gave him the peace he was looking for; he received the assurance beyond a doubt that indeed forgiveness was the way forward. Now he finds himself doing something for the church, because despite its flaws, he sees the church as a messenger of God. He can see both its weakness and God’s work despite it.

We have an inborn desire to be happy, but so often we deceive ourselves and become driven by something like vengeance... or like Jesus says in the Gospel: greed. The good news is that if we’re humble about our limitations and steadfast in our search, God will find us and break down our illusions to then satisfy us with more than we could have dreamed.

God bless, Fr. Carlos, OSA

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