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Thursday, July 18, 2019

New poll shows growing view that clergy are irrelevant

The 'religious freedom' agenda
The Atlantic: Trump-administration officials are using a two-word phrase as a rhetorical Swiss Army knife on the world stage.

New poll shows growing view that clergy are irrelevant
Religion News Service: Americans no longer hold clergy in a high regard, according to a recent poll, and even regular churchgoers are seeking counsel elsewhere.

ICE raids divide American Christians
Pacific Standard: As a debate raged about how Mike Pence reconciles Trump's immigration policy with his Christianity, some churches opened their doors for immigrants looking to avoid detention.

Outside review finds 'ambiguous' doctrine at Baptist university
Baptist News Global: A third-party review of religious teaching at a Missouri Baptist university found that a lack of doctrinal clarity has led to "an erosion of trust" between the institution and its denominational sponsor.

The other CBD: Christian Book Distributors changes name after cannabis confusion
The company sells Bibles and other religious texts but it got calls about CBD, which comes from marijuana and hemp.

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