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Sunday, May 12, 2019

St. Junipero Serra relic to be placed in Christ Cathedral’s altar

Pope Francis issues norms for Church’s handling of sex abuse: Requires that every diocese have a mechanism for reporting abuse, puts the metropolitan archbishop in charge of investigations of accusations made against suffragan bishops

Sex-ed guidelines approved by California Board of Education: Despite protests, state board unanimously approved new guidelines for elementary school grades about sex trafficking, sexual orientation and how to support transgender students in the classroom

Celibacy and chastity featured theme of May-June issue of Catholic Herald: Cover story of news magazine for Sacramento diocese includes interviews with four priests who discuss celibacy

St. Junipero Serra relic to be placed in Christ Cathedral’s altar: Thanks to a generous parishioner, the Diocese of Orange holds a first-class relic of the man who was instrumental in establishing Catholicism in California

Womb rental likened to prostitution: Founder of California-based Center for Bioethics and Culture says surrogacy is glamorized in the media but in reality is another form of exploiting women

Pope Francis says negative image of Pharisees unwarranted: Tells conference that stereotype of Pharisee as “a self-righteous or hypocritical person” may not have concrete basis in the Gospel

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