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Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Meet the women leaders who are transforming Jesuit higher education

Is this the religious left's kairos moment?
Religion & Politics: The complete abdication of Clinton's 2016 campaign to engage religious values as a motivating factor for voters is vital to understanding our current context.

A reparations movement begat at Georgetown
The New Yorker: A sixty-five-year-old student who is a descendant of slaves once sold by the school wants to make sure the Jesuits "atone for their sins."
America: Meet the women leaders who are transforming Jesuit higher education

Mike Pence's vulgar mistake about Christianity
The Week: Pence's graduation speech at Liberty suggests an embarrassing ignorance of history and the teachings of Christ alike, and to those outside the church it unquestionably reads more as whining than witness.

Once a bishop, now a 'poster child' for alcoholism, Heather Cook seeks to make amends
Religion News Service: Months after she was consecrated the first woman bishop in the Diocese of Maryland in 2014, she drove drunk and caused an accident that killed a bicyclist. Now she is determining if redemption might ever be possible after such a tragedy.

Theology rooted in patriarchy delays restoration of female diaconate
National Catholic Reporter: Francis seeks a "solid theological, historical foundation" to sacramentally ordain women deacons. The solid historical foundation is already there. In spades.

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