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Thursday, May 9, 2019

Happy Mothers Day! with Pastor Carlos

Happy Mothers Day! (May 12th)
St Augustine’s mother, St Monica, once prayed in Latin with these words “fove precantes, Trinitas,” which means something along the lines of, “We beseech you, Trinity to soothe, bathe, warm, and/or comfort us.” The verb fovere in Latin can have all of those meanings. All of these various meanings are what a child might associate a mother doing: Mothers bathe their babies, they soothe them when they cry, and they provide comfort when they are unsettled. These various forms of care are expressions of love. Most people first experience love from their mothers, and so it is fitting to have at least one day dedicated to them.

My own mother is visiting her mother (my grandmother) in Colombia this day, but I will be sure to call her first thing in the morning. I am grateful for the five days I was able to spend with her (and my father and sister) in Northern California during Easter week.

One of the things I learned from my mother, and perhaps the most valuable one, is prayer. Today I pray for her in a special way, as I’m sure you pray for your mothers, whether living or deceased. We begin our novena of Masses for all the names of mothers in the Mother's novena envelopes we have received.

I think we can also celebrate not just our own biological mothers, but all women who have been “motherly” to us. When I was a seminarian in Chicago, an older lady named Evelyn, who attempted to teach me Burmese language, became like a mother to me. I still keep in touch with her and I will always be grateful for her care and concern during my time in Chicago.

There are also the “mother bear” type of women, who will defend those who are weak and vulnerable. My friend Charisse fits in this category with her fierce attitude in defending the rights of vulnerable people through advocacy.

Lastly, let us pray for some people for whom this day is painful: for those who may have lost their mother recently, for mothers who have lost their children, and women who wish(ed) to become mothers, but are/were unable.

God bless,Fr. Carlos, OSA

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