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Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Anti-Semitism hit 'near-historic levels' in 2018

After boomer religion
Commonweal: Statements like Serene Jones's on the bodily resurrection in the NYT don't actually represent the future of theology in the mainline, says Wesley Hill.

Anti-Semitism hit 'near-historic levels' in 2018, report finds
HuffPost: Physical attacks on the Jewish community more than doubled, the Anti-Defamation League finds.
Forward: Right-wing responsible for 71% of anti-Semitic, extremist incidents 

In Western European countries with church taxes, support for the tradition remains strong
Pew: Though some Europeans are opting out, many view religious institutions as key contributors to the common good.

Islamophobia is about politics, not faith: New study explores impact on 2020 elections
Salon: Islamophobia is on the rise, with 44 percent of white evangelicals holding negative views of Muslims.
Institute for Social Policy and Understanding: American Muslim poll 2019 

Conservative critics call on bishops to censure Pope Francis for heresy
Crux: A new open letter from conservative critics of Pope Francis has called on the world's bishops to censure him and - if necessary - declare that he is no longer pope.

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