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Sunday, May 12, 2019

A conversation with Robert George and Cornel West

Georgia's Southern Baptist leaders elated by passage of heartbeat bill
Baptist News Global: Southern Baptist leaders in Georgia were jubilant after Gov. Brian Kemp on Tuesday signed one of the nation's most restrictive abortion laws.

We are taking religious freedom too far
The New York Times: We have a right to practice our beliefs, but we don't have the right to discriminate against others, or endanger their lives.

How Jean Vanier broke my heart and saved my life
Religion News Service: Jean Vanier, the Canadian theologian, philosopher and humanitarian, was 77 years old when journalist Cathleen Falsani saw him speak in Chicago. He changed her life.

Asian American, Christian, progressive and lonely. Is there a church for you?
LAist: Most Asian American churches are conservative; many progressive churches still leave Asian Americans in the minority.

Higher education in a time of protest: A conversation with Robert George and Cornel West
Religion & Politics: West and George talked about academic freedom and the role of higher education in this era of polarization.

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