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Friday, April 26, 2019

Are evangelicals more altruistic than other groups?

How two Iraqi peacemakers are rebuilding community after ISIS
America: The Christian families of Qaraqosh were driven from their homes when ISIS extremists overran the city in August 2014. Those who have returned confront a difficult task -- rebuilding.

Examining religion and violence
The New York Times: What's increasingly clear from research into radicalization online is that extremists are most engaged with extremists.

How LGBTQ rights and religious freedom debates are polarizing our understanding of discrimination -- and why it matters
Deseret News: The legal system often encourages a winner-take-all approach rather than mutual understanding, but Americans need to reckon with discrimination in all forms, not just the types that members of their political party care about.

In a time of rising suicide, religious communities move beyond condemnation to care
Religion News Service: Some faith leaders are now working to remove the stigma that keeps so many suffering families quiet after the death of a loved one.

Are evangelicals more altruistic than other groups?
Christianity Today: We have hard data about just how much altruism is practiced by Americans from all religious affiliations.

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