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Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Why Christians are outraged over DC Comics' Jesus series

The problem of 'evil' in describing Southern Baptist abuse crisis
Religion Dispatches: Putting the onus of these sins on Satan can lull us into thinking that this is the aberrant behavior of an individual who happened to be possessed, rather than a systemic problem, says Carol Howard Merritt.
The Atlantic: The lessons Southern Baptists need to learn

Religion's role in the climate emergency
Religion News Service: Any serious look at averting catastrophe recognizes that the kind of lifestyle Americans now embrace, or aspire to, is unsustainable. Here is where religious leaders are well positioned to make their voices heard, says Mark Silk.

Francis inherits decades of abuse cover-up
National Catholic Reporter: Three-part commentary begins with look at how the crisis reached this point.
National Catholic Reporter: Institutional lying at heart of the crisis

The womanist theology of Katie Geneva Cannon lives on
Religion & Politics: The progenitor of womanist theological ethics, the Rev. Dr. Katie Geneva Cannon was a brilliant scholar, a mentor extraordinaire, and generous in the sharing of her time and resources.

Why Christians are outraged over DC Comics' Jesus series
The Week: A new comic book series featuring Jesus Christ as a superhero has been cancelled following outrage from Christians.

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