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Wednesday, February 6, 2019

What, me worry? Surprising findings about belief in Hell

Less God, less giving?
Philanthropy: Religion and generosity feed each other in fascinating ways.

What, me worry? Surprising findings about belief in Hell
ARDA: If Hell no longer hath the same nightmarish fury conjured up in many depictions in medieval art, it still has a great deal of relevance in the modern age.

Two years after Trump's travel ban, faith-based refugee groups struggle
Religion News Service: Since the start of fiscal year 2017, the country has lost one-third of its capacity to welcome and resettle refugees in local communities.

Bible reading in public schools has been a divisive issue -- and this old culture war is starting again
The Conversation: Many states are planning to introduce Bible literacy classes in schools. These classes have a long and acrimonious history.

Pope Francis, amid Abu Dhabi's opulence, delivers Mass to its migrants
The New York Times: Serving the wealthy of Abu Dhabi are millions of migrants, many of whom are Catholics from India, the Philippines and South America. Today, Pope Francis came to speak to them directly.
The (London) Guardian: The pope makes first ever visit to an Arab state -- in pictures

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