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Thursday, February 21, 2019

Christ in Our Midst with Pastor Carlos

Sunday, February 24, 2019 — Seventh Sunday in Ordinary Time

The impasse between the President and Congress concerning the wall is now exacerbated with the President’s national emergency declaration and some
States now suing the President. Church leadership continues also to waddle in scandal. Although steps have been taken in corrective measures, such the laicization of the former Cardinal McCarrick, new scandals of abuse and cover-up in other parts of the world have surfaced, such as the abuse of religious sisters in India.

Speaking with one of my relatives about these topics, she sees them as signs pointing to the final tribulation and the “end times.” I imagine other people do too. I, myself, find such apocalyptic thinking difficult to accept because not even Jesus knew for sure when the end times would come about. Previous historical times like medieval plagues, or more recent times, like the Cold War seem to me that they were closer to wiping out the human race.

While news of abuse and cover-up are always painful and perplexing, the Spirit of the risen Christ has not abandoned us. I see very much God’s saving grace active in our parish: first and foremost in the Eucharist, but also in the students preparing for sacraments and the guidance from their parents and teachers, in the stories of conversion I hear from you, in the various parish groups with their various charisms, in how some of you share faith with one another, in the support of some of you who come to nearly all of our funerals to support mourning families; in the generosity of our volunteers and benefactors helping our parish and school; and in the good surprises I’m sure will continue to come.

While I’m not suggesting to choose a myopic view of reality, since we do have to face what is happening and work for truth and justice, let us not forget to also look for the tangible signs of grace around us.

God Bless, Fr. Carlos, OSA.

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