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Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Becoming Saints In A Time of Scandal and Crisis

Becoming Saints In A Time of Scandal and Crisis

Jonathan B. Coe

If The Pilgrim’s Progress was written today, Bunyan could accurately depict our time, in his allegory, by having the protagonist, Christian, be besieged by a cacophony of voices. These voices would emanate from within him and from without, from the DNA he received from Adam and Eve and from external voices from different sources that […]

Ad Orientem As A First Step Toward Spiritual Renewal

David G. Bonagura Jr.

Pope Francis and his pontificate go on trial February 21-24, when the heads of the world’s bishops’ conferences gather for a summit on “The Protection of Minors in the Church” after the fallout from clergy sexual abuse and its episcopal cover-up. Catholics worldwide are demanding real, structural reform that will prevent such scandals from ever […]

Heathen Holiness: Padraic Colum’s Nordic Gods and Heroes

Sean Fitzpatrick

Winter is the season for readers. Bitter cold and polar darkness drive people beneath quilts and by hearthsides where the book is a quintessential commodity and companion, its pages aglow in the blended light of fire and frost. Whether engaged silently or aloud, a wintry volume should occupy every end-table in rooms where chilling temperatures […]

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