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Friday, January 18, 2019

The people of MLK's sermons, in one graphic

The people of MLK's sermons, in one graphic
Vox: Martin Luther King Jr. often used characters in his sermons. Most frequently, he spoke of politicians and activists -- often his friends, sometimes his heroes, and even his enemies.
Religion News Service: Howard Thurman, mentor to King who preached nonviolence, featured in documentary

Why this rabbi loved Mary Oliver
Religion News Service: If there was a place where Christian (and other) spirituality met Jewish spirituality, it was Mary Oliver. That is why so many priests, ministers, and rabbis are in mourning today.

Could state-guided faith be a trend of the future?
The Economist: It has emerged in different forms in both Russia and China.

Pop-culture preaching in the 1910s
JSTOR Daily: Billy Sunday was a charismatic preacher who brought in thousands to his vaudeville-inspired church services.

The church and the common good
Cardus: Can we equate the church's eternal mission with temporary politics?

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