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South Park – North Park – Golden Hill

Monday, January 21, 2019

Shelley Warner writes about God's sufficiency Warner and his wife Shelley came to San Diego to pastor the North Park Community Advent Christian Church at 3702 29th Street in the 1990's. Tom and Shelley Warner were one of two pastoral families that dared to live in the neighborhood where they pastored while most pastors commuted to our neighborhood for work at the church they served.

Since that time pastor Tom has gone to be with the Lord and Shelley has moved to Boise Idaho; a long way from here.

Over a period of years, Shelley had been writing stories about God's help--not just in times of trouble--but in good times too. This book contains stories of liberation from a works-oriented Christianity, stories of God's provision, stories of blessing, and stories of struggle. It is her deep hope that the insights shared in these narratives will illuminate the path for fellow travelers on their spiritual journeys.

In her new book, "A Very Present Help" from Covenant Books, author Shelley Warner is an emotionally resonant opus that shares her life experiences during a crisis in faith and family. 

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