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Saturday, January 26, 2019

Ground Rules When Dialoguing with Mormons

Disgraced Cardinal Must Not Address Catholic Conference

Austin Ruse

What message is sent to victims of priest sex abuse that Cardinal Roger Mahoney will be a featured speaker at the upcoming Los Angeles Archdiocesan Education Conference, the largest Catholic gathering in the country? Exactly five years ago, Archbishop Jose Gomez stripped Mahoney of all administrative and public church duties. Why? Gomez was nice about […]

Will Bishops Coodle, Foodle, and Noodle Address the Crisis?

Peter Maurice

Look to the generals, the great patrons and architects, the captains of industry, the princes of the Church, for a gauge of an institution’s vitality. Virile epochs, however tumultuous, make way for a Charlemagne, an Abbot Suger, a Carnegie, a Leo the Great. In effete, self-doubting times, froth and effluvium ride the waves, while solid […]

Infamous Scribblers: Virtue Signalers on the Warpath

Fr. George W. Rutler

From October 22 to November 30 in 1878, a large fair was held in the Cathedral of Saint Patrick in New York City before its dedication. That took advantage of the magnificent open space before pews were installed to the distress of the architect James Renwick who objected that Protestant furniture had no place in a […]

Ground Rules When Dialoguing with Mormons

Casey Chalk

I recently wrote an article offering a different approach to communicating with Mormons. Instead of the often confrontational stance of trying to prove their theology wrong on Biblical grounds, or even less effective, mocking their unusual beliefs, I suggested Catholics work within a paradigm of hospitality and empathy, inviting LDS members into their home, feeding […]

Feral Leftists Attack Catholic Teens at March for Life

Jesse B. Russell

The Internet is haunted by readily memeable misquotes and misattributions of quotes. Among the ever growing detritus of fabricated and seemingly sagacious sayings is a quote wrongly attributed to the eighteenth-century French radical Enlightenment philosopher Voltaire, which reads something like this: “I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your […]

The Gnostic Feminism of Phyllis Zagano

Rev. Dwight Longenecker

One of the most high-ranking feminists in the Catholic Church is Phyllis Zagano, the well-known advocate for the ordination of women to the diaconate. A member of the papal commission to examine the historical precedents of deaconesses, Zagano has researched the subject extensively and is the author of many learned articles and several books. Phyllis […]

Human Composting: The Ultimate Denial of the Soul

John Horvat II

From time immemorial, people have buried the dead. Sometimes, they even risked their lives to carry out this most basic duty. In times of persecution, for example, Christians put themselves in great danger to recover the bodies of martyrs so that they might receive the holy rites of Christian burial. The Old Testament recounts the […]

ERA: A Sex or Gender Amendment?

John M. Grondelski

I’ve started calling the proposed federal Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) the “Zombie” Amendment because, no matter how many deadlines one sets for its expiration, we always seem to be in the middle of “Night of the Living Dead.” The latest resurrection attempt has been made January 9 in the 2019 session of the Virginia Legislature, […]

The Vulgar Morality of Tam o’ Shanter: A Tale by Robbie Burns

Sean Fitzpatrick

January 25 marks the birthday of Robert Burns (1759-1796), the national poet of Scotland, and is observed worldwide with the Robbie Burns Supper, a night of poetry, song, toasts, haggis, and “Tam o’ Shanter.” The tale of Tam and his devilish interloping is customarily enacted in vaudevillian style during the Supper, bringing the flare and flavor […]

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