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Saturday, December 29, 2018

When Is the Day of Judgment?

For some of us, it’s every day, when at the end of the day, we contemplate our thoughts and actions and say a prayer of confession before we nod off to sleep. For others, it’s December 31 when we look over our resolutions from the previous year. For Paul, it was something more cosmic and full of wonder: the coming “Day of Jesus Christ.”
This review of The Righteous and Merciful Judge: The Day of the Lord in the Life and Theology of Paul points to a book that I hope is successful in helping us see how central the day of judgment is—in even the New Testament—and also how it is actually good news for us.
Another CT offering that may help you reflect on the moral life we’re striving to grow in until the Day of the Lord: this week’s Quick to Listen podcast, featured on January 2. It’s an interview with Jay Wood, professor of philosophy at Wheaton College, and full of fine insights from a man who has spent many years thinking about virtue ethics from a Christian perspective.
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Mark GalliMark Galli
Mark Galli
Editor-in-Chief, Christianity Today

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