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Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Going to church in virtual reality

FBI's new hate crime report captures an America changed by hate
Religion News Service: The official statistics come as no surprise to those who experience such marginalization personally or who work on these issues professionally, says Simran Jeet Singh.
The Los Angeles Times: Attacks on religious and racial minorities fueled sharp rise in hate crimes in 2017, FBI says

Baptist Theological Seminary at Richmond to close in 2019
Baptist News Global: The Baptist Theological Seminary at Richmond -- the first free-standing seminary started as an alternative to the six SBC seminaries during a schism in the late 20th century -- is closing its doors at the end of the current academic year.

What is the future of the evangelical-Republican coalition?
Religion & Politics: A new essay collection, "The Evangelical Crackup? The Future of the Evangelical-Republican Coalition," marshals the combined energy of more than two dozen political scientists to try and clarify the matter.
Religion News Service: A lot of white evangelical voters aren't evangelicals

Attendance at Church of England's Sunday services falls again
The (London) Guardian: Figures show downward trend continuing, but attendance at Christmas services last year was highest in a decade.

Going to church in virtual reality
CNN: As the number of young Americans who attend church declines can digital innovators find interesting ways to reach younger congregants, and bring people together to worship online?

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