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Sunday, June 3, 2012


1) To Become a Modest Person
No matter how talented you are, if you’re not modest about it then you’ll turn people off. Being modest is the biggest thing that distinguishes us as humans. Of course, the fastest way to make anyone modest is to clean a toilet.

2) To Become Discerning
In life, the difference between winners and losers are people is losers are wasteful and winners are not. To eliminate wastefulness from your life becoming a discerning person is important. If you succeed at becoming a discerning person then you will be able to avoid wastefulness.
Cleaning toilets brings out our discernment in the best way.

3) To Develop Passion in Your Life

Life is passion. Everyone wants to live life in a way that moves people. To do this you must use every fiber of your being to become an active person. We are motivated by people who humbly work their fingers to their bones using their legs, arms, and body no matter what you do. The bathroom is like a dojo to train our bodies in this way.

4) To Develop a Sense of Appreciation
Happy people often don’t take the time to appreciate things. From appreciation you can become happier. Cleaning toilets certainly lets you appreciate the smaller things in life and makes you into a well-rounded person.

5) To Polish Your Heart
You cannot take out your heart and polish it, but you can with the things you present to your eyes. Especially as you clean your toilet, your heart begins to shine with it. If people always see beautiful things then their hearts will become more beautiful.

For more information about Hidesaburo Kagiyama and his works,
here are some of the scant English articles available:
(PDF), Polished Toilets, Polished Minds.

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