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Monday, March 7, 2022

Skateboarding’s spiritual side

Cuomo re-emerges and blames ‘cancel culture’ for his fall*
The New York Times: Andrew Cuomo, the ex-governor of New York, said in a speech at a Black church that he wanted to “tell my truth.”
Ukraine’s pro-Russian monasteries draw local suspicion
The Guardian: War has sharpened the split between Ukraine and Russia’s Orthodox churches, with some historic sites in Ukraine still loyal to Moscow.
Skateboarding’s spiritual side — skaters find meaning in falls and breaking the monotony of urban life
The Conversation: There are spiritual elements to skateboarding for some within the skateboarding community.
‘If you build it they will come’ no longer works for baseball — or organized religion
Religion News Service: Faced with declining audiences and a troubled product, baseball — like organized religion — has turned on itself.
Faith under fire*
The Intercept: A pastor’s legal fight against Customs and Border Protection exposes a reckless surveillance operation.

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