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Sunday, August 22, 2021

Recent Christian scandals

Russell Moore shares his first piece as CT’s public theologian. Recent Christian scandals, he writes, warn us about “betrayal blindness,” which can keep people in toxic environments even when they know something’s wrong.

The Rise and Fall of Mars Hill takes a break from its focus on Mark Driscoll to examine Josh Harris’s trajectory away from the faith.

On Quick to Listen, the story of how one Afghan found faith in Jesus and what he’s praying for his country right now.

In other news

After years of trying to get the Southern Baptist Convention to address her reports of sexual abuse by her pastor father, a Kentucky woman is suing several church leaders, alleging they “conspired to protect the Baptist denomination from a problem of sexual abuse of minors.”

Kazakhstan is taking small but positive steps towards religious liberty.

With fast-moving and fraught news stories like the collapse of Afghanistan, it’s good to beware of disinformation that uses your faith to trick you.

The a cappella Church of Christ is celebrating the 100th anniversary of a hymnal.

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