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Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Mary is the Antidote to Anti-Feminine Madness

Fetid Fruits of the Black Mass

Thom Nickels

Some years ago a U.S. Catholic bishops’ meeting in Baltimore made a claim that there were far too few active Catholic priests familiar with the rite of exorcism. The old Exorcism rite, as it turns out, has fallen into disuse, and it’s no wonder. The modern age has redefined evil along abstract lines. There may […]

Mary is the Antidote to Anti-Feminine Madness

Paul Krause

The negation of Mary is directly linked to the anti-feminine, anti-maternal, and anti-family nihilism that grips us today. Long a stumbling block for Protestants, Mary is increasingly rejected and mocked in the godless, death-infatuated cultures that stand strongest in formerly Protestant, but now almost entirely atheistic, lands. The story of Mary, however, helps bring to […]

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