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Monday, July 8, 2019

When American evangelicals fall out

By the power vested in me by God or the internet: The fight over online ordinations
Christianity Today: With lay officiants on the rise, Tennessee's ban spurs religious freedom challenge.

A matter of faith: Democrats embrace religion in campaign
Associated Press: While Republicans have had faith in their rhetoric, particularly since the rise of the evangelical right in the 1980s, current Democratic hopefuls are explicitly linking their views on policy to religious values.

Foster mother of more than 100 children works to recruit Latino families
Religion News Service: The county's family services agency funds recruitment efforts in faith communities, Latino Catholics in particular, to make sure local children in need find a home that is a good cultural fit.

UK government urged to take steps to prevent persecution of Christians
The Guardian: Recommendations of the report include sanctions and religious literacy training.

When American evangelicals fall out
The Economist: A twitter-spat over Donald Trump's immigration policy reveals a deep cleavage in America's religious right.

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