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Friday, July 5, 2019

The Assault on Chastity with Mark Galli

The Assault on Chastity

Some conservative Christians criticize the evangelical purity culture (which could slip into legalism and shame) while upholding chastity. Outside the church, the whole idea seems idea outlandish. Gabriella Siefert at the Exchange analyzes this phenomenon in light of a recent documentary on the Jonas Brothers, who in their day wore purity rings.
An Elusive Presence Across the Tiber
HT to Ted O. for pointing me to “Pope: Jesus Is Looking for Witnesses, not ‘Religion Editors.’” Pope Francis, in a recent homily, is not being antagonistic toward journalists (at least I hope not), just making this point:
We may be curious about Jesus, or interested in church matters or religious news. We may open computer sites and the papers, and talk about holy things. … Jesus does not care about polls or past history. He is not looking for religion editors, much less “front page” Christians. He is looking for witnesses who say to him each day: “Lord, you are my life.”
This goes right to the heart of my series, The Elusive Presence. This week’s offering examines how, despite our best intentions, our worship can become more about ourselves than about God.
Author of the Week
A quote from the end of this essay says it all:
As we rapidly move along in the twenty-first century, [Aleksandr] Solzhenitsyn, chronicler of the fate of the soul under both ideological despotism and, increasingly, a soft and relativistic democracy, very much remains our contemporary: a true friend of “liberty and human dignity,” as Tocqueville put it, and a partisan of the human soul imparted to us by a just and merciful God.
Post-Fireworks Display
If you’re already missing yesterday’s fireworks, check this out: Intel “dazzled its Folsom [California] audience on July 15, 2018, with “a spectacular light show designed to feature 1,500 drones” [Sacramento Bee]. More impressive still: A single pilot controlled the entire fleet. Start watching at 00:51, when the show begins. You may have seen similar displays at the Winter Olympics and the Super Bowl.
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Mark GalliMark Galli
Mark Galli
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