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Monday, July 1, 2019

Abortion: A Choice Like No Other

Has Science Run Its Course?

Regis Nicoll

One year after scientists flipped the switch on Large Hadron Collider (LHC), physicist Lawrence Krauss fretted, “I worry whether we’ve come to the limits of empirical science.” His worry was not unfounded—for in the last eleven years at the cost of over $13B, the sole accomplishment of the LHC has been the confirmation of the […]

Four Reasons Why I Never Tried Marijuana

John Horvat II

As someone who has never tried marijuana, many would disqualify me from having an opinion. I cannot say how it affects the mind. I cannot calibrate the intensity of the experience nor compare it with smoking or alcohol. Thus, many would say that I am a killjoy that has no right to deprive others of […]

More Reasons to Avoid Public Education

Tom Allen

My family experienced public school for the first time this past semester and it was, well … memorable, up to and including last weekend’s graduation ceremonies. After 20 years of private Catholic schooling from K through college for our first three children, our youngest daughter, Gracie, ventured across the cultural aisle to finish her junior […]

St Joseph, Dispenser of the Treasures of the Sacred Heart

Leonora Butau

Today the Church celebrates the feast of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus; a feast that helps us to reflect more deeply on the magnitude of Christ’s love for souls. It is a feast that comes with an invitation to experience the “abundance of healing waters, that is, heavenly gifts of divine love, issuing from […]

A Tale of Two Jesuit High Schools

Max Bindernagel

News of the conflict between a Jesuit high school and the midwestern archdiocese under which the school operates spread quickly last week through social media. For news outlets hungry for a story, the narrative wrote itself: a teacher at Indianapolis’ Brebeuf Jesuit Preparatory School had entered into a same-sex “marriage,” the Archdiocese demanded said teacher’s […]

Abortion: A Choice Like No Other

John M. Grondelski

The June 21 decision by an English Court of Protection judge to order a Nigerian woman, in the fifth month of pregnancy, to have an abortion against her own and her family’s wills, stirred criticism. A three-judge Court of Appeal overturned the decision June 24. Apart from the barbarism of forced abortion—hitherto the preference of totalitarian […]

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