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Thursday, July 18, 2019

A Primer on Politics and Prudence

Popes Francis Again Confronts Gender Ideology

Paul Kengor

“The Vatican’s new document on gender will be used to oppress and harm LGBT people. It perpetuates false stereotypes that encourage hatred, bigotry, and violence.” That statement from New Ways Ministry was tweeted by Fr. James Martin in reaction to an important new Vatican statement by Pope Francis’s Congregation for Catholic Education. Issued during Pride […]

Small Graces Can Lead to Abundant Blessings

Elizabeth Anderson

“In the end, the only memorable stories, like the only memorable experiences, are religious and moral. They give men the heart to suffer the ordeal of a life that perpetually rends them between its beauty and its terror.” ∼ Whittaker Chambers, Witness Evil loves the spotlight. It is exceedingly easy to perceive the chain reaction […]

Converts Who Followed Chesterton Across the Tiber

Kenneth Colston

Many religious roads lead a convert to Rome, but a frequent guidebook is something written by G.K. Chesterton, often Orthodoxy. Dale Ahlquist, the world’s greatest living Chesterton promoter, claims in his new collection of convert stories, My Name is Lazarus that he can name a couple of thousand who followed the fat journalist across the […]

A Primer on Politics and Prudence

Derek Rotty

The political scene is drawing toward the center of our national consciousness (if it ever left), as Democratic presidential debates have taken place, and as the 2020 election nears. As this happens, faithful Catholics need sound ways to think about candidates, policies, and the landscape in general. Josef Pieper, a great twentieth-century philosopher, provides a […]

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