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Tuesday, January 4, 2022

Churches target new members, with help from big data

U.S. headlines


Colorado wildfire inquiry focuses on Christian sect
The New York Times *
Catholic dioceses investigate their role in boarding schools for Native Americans
The Wall Street Journal *
Judge blocks Navy vaccine policy for legal challengers citing religious objections
Coaches forced a teen to eat pizza against his religion, he says. Now he’s suing
The Washington Post *
Poway synagogue shooter sentenced to second life sentence
Money, media and Mel Gibson: Suburban-based Coalition for Canceled Priests uses aggressive tactics in bid to reinstate sidelined clerics
Chicago Tribune *
Churches target new members, with help from big data
The Wall Street Journal *

The first Christmas as a layperson: Burned out by the pandemic, many clergy quit in the past year
The Washington Post *
Millennials lead shift away from organized religion as pandemic tests Americans’ faith
Our ladies of the perpetual high
Rolling Stone *

International headlines


‘Moral compass’: Requiem for South Africa’s Archbishop Tutu
The Associated Press
At least 12 die in stampede at a Hindu shrine in Kashmir
The New York Times *
Christians on edge in India’s Karnataka ruled by Modi’s BJP
Al Jazeera
GitHub shuts down Indian website ‘auctioning’ Muslim women
The Washington Post *
Historic conclave: Chinese bishops, priests brief Hong Kong clerics on Xi’s religious views
Reuters *
A surge of evangelicals in Spain, fueled by Latin Americans
The Associated Press
Is that a burning bush? Is this Mt. Sinai? Solstice bolsters a claim
The New York Times *
Future of prayer site in doubt under Israel’s fragile government
The Associated Press
Finnish bishop and politician face trial for LGBT statements
Christianity Today *
‘Guide our shot’: An Italian town roots for its patron saint of basketball
The New York Times *


Analysis and commentary

An evangelical climate scientist wonders what went wrong
The New York Times Magazine *
Most evangelical objections to vaccines have nothing to do with Christianity
The Washington Post *
India’s religious minorities are under attack
Foreign Policy *
Quebec’s religious headgear ban is at odds with Canadian liberal norms. Why are politicians afraid to say so?
The Washington Post *
What I learned about death from seven religious scholars, one atheist and my father
The New York Times *
Are you religious or spiritual? Both or neither? Does this distinction matter to you, or to humanity?
Psychology Today
Was Jesus a leftist or a rightist?
What it means to see Jesus
The New Yorker *

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