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Thursday, October 28, 2021

My church doesn’t know what to do anymore

Meeting between Francis and Biden will highlight their rift with American bishops*
The New York Times: The pope and president, who meet at the Vatican on Friday, are the common targets of conservative American bishops seeking to undercut them.
Biden’s meeting with Pope Francis will be both official and deeply personal
In U.S., far more support than oppose separation of church and state
Pew Research Center: There are also pockets of support for increased church-state integration, more Christianity in public life.
The Christian nationalism behind the new “God’s Not Dead” film
Religion & Politics: With its sights on the nation’s capital and its spotlight on hot-topic political issues that galvanize White evangelical Protestants,
God’s Not Dead: We the People repeats a formula that has worked well for this series, now in its fourth installation.
The toxic effects of branding your workplace a “family”*
Harvard Business Review: While some aspects of a “family” culture, like respect, empathy, caring, a sense of belonging can add value, ultimately trying to sell your organization’s culture as family-like can be more harmful than psychologically satisfying.
From spellcasting to podcasting: Inside the life of a teenage witch*
The Washington Post: Young Americans in particular are revamping mystical language and ancient rituals for their gender-fluid, write-my-own-rules, insta-worthy world.
The (Christian Right) revolution starts small and local
Religion Dispatches: Far from being deflated by the defeat of Donald Trump in 2020, the Christian Right is seeking to ignite a grassroots political revolution beginning with local offices. It’s been widely reported that the massive apparatus of the Christian Right is targeting school boards and other local races in 2021.
A woman pope? Meet the feminists trying to save the Catholic Church
CNN: Maria 2.0 is a Catholic women’s movement calling for equality and a radical overhaul of the church.
My church doesn’t know what to do anymore*
The Atlantic: In some ways, leading a church is harder now, in 2021, than it was in 2020, during the worst of the coronavirus pandemic.
A moving ‘reunion’ for descendants of Holocaust survivors
Associated Press: Anna Salton Eisen found old pictures of Jewish prisoners who survived the Holocaust in a folder her late father, George Lucius Salton, kept most of his life.
Long arm of Russian law reaches obscure Siberian church*
The New York Times: The arrest of the leader of a small religious group reveals that Russian repression reaches even to the depths of the Siberian forest.

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