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Friday, June 25, 2021

Fr. Thomas Davis - Associate Pastor - St. Patrick's North Park


From the desk of Fr. Tom:

Happy 13th Sunday in Ordinary Time everyone! I’d like to take a moment to introduce myself. My name is Fr. Wm. Tom Davis, OSA and I have been a friar member of the Province of St. Augustine for almost twenty years (7/28/2001). I have been a priest for over ten
years, serving in both Augustinian and diocesan parishes in both San Diego and Los Angeles dioceses. I also help serve as a spiritual director on occasions. During my Diaconal year, I was assigned here for the summer when Fr. Tom Verber was pastor here, so some of you may remember me from then.

I was born in Harbor City, Los Angeles, hence I am a native Angelino, and come from a very hard-working Irish/Mexican/American blue-class family. I have lived in some incredibly beautiful places, Hawaii and others including North County San Diego when I was young. I have various back-grounds in the business world. I am also a Fourth Degree Sir Knight of Columbus, an exemplification team member, and a former District Friar for all of Southern California. I look forward to ministry with the new council here.

My Academic studies include Religious studies and Spirituality, Philosophy, Marine biology (especially marine phytoplankton and how we interact with them.) I have two degrees, AA and BA, in Philoso-phy, a BA in Religious studies, and my Masters of Divinity in Theology with an emphasis on Spirituality. My understudies were in Marine Biology.

My hobbies include Jiu Jitsu (Great healthy exercise and self-confidence), Fishing (both fly and regular, both in salt and fresh water.), Swimming, Surfing, Ukulele, Plein-air painting (Both oils and watercolor), reading, and of course, occasional shenanigans. I love to laugh and tell and listen to stories; to cook various types of cuisine, enjoying my strong coffee and newspaper in the morning, I am very eclectic in my tastes and I’ll try any food just to see how it tastes (This helps me in my cooking!). I love the outdoors, especially the beach! I love to drive and do road trips stopping at the biggest or largest this and that, I love flower and fruit stands alongside the road as well as those incredible Trading posts, and various view points. I love to take pictures and share them. I enjoy writing and teach-ing and giving presentations.

Well, that’s enough about me for now, so let’s get to St. Patrick’s and my role here. I have been assigned here by my provincial, Very Rev. Fr. Gary Sanders, OSA and approved by our Bishop, Most Rev. Robert McElroy, to be at St. Patrick’s the temporary Administrator until Fr. Carlos arrives from Panama. Then I will be the full time Associate Pastor. While I am here, I’ve been in communication with our new pastor regarding concerns and staff matters. I will say that I am not here to overhaul and make huge changes here, but to maintain the status quo. My main job is to minister and help everyone under-stand the Gospels and our incredible faith; and to live out the commandment of Jesus. The staff has been here for some time and I value their experiences and knowledge. The volunteers here have been amazing and I am so very grateful for all they do, Thank You! My support is for the intentions of our new pastor. Let’s go to the readings for this Sunday. What we hear in the first reading might confuse people, especially the concept and idea of what death is. It expresses God’s incredible thoughts and plans for us.

In the second reading comes an interesting perspective of what our lives entail and how we should interact with our Sisters and Brothers. The Gospel is all about how Jesus heals and why he does so. Even in my ministry, I have what I call, “Those Jesus moments,” where someone out of the blue, approaches me and asks me to do something for them. I truly feel blessed when these events happen, because I also see them as moments to be the man God created me to be, to learn, and to share my beliefs and faith.

As we begin this new chapter here at St. Patrick’s, I will continually keep all of you in my prayers and I ask you to practice your own priestly baptism call to pray for me and everyone here. It’s the loving thing to do...

Many blessings as I am in Christ,

~ Fr. Tom

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