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Thursday, May 6, 2021

The crux of the vaccine question

A Christian news site in the UK is one of several ministries helping believers pray through the headlines.

Theologian and author Marva Dawn, who died last month, pushed us beyond worship wars and individualism to focus more on the subject of our devotion.

The crux of the vaccine question is not trust in science, a political party, or the government distribution program, but our faith in God’s workmanship in creation. The vaccine is a gift of the complex harmony of creation.

In other news

We’ve followed several Episcopal church splits that resulted in years-long court battles over property. Could an amicable separation for a departing congregation in Maryland signal a shift in strategy?

The Christian Association of Nigeria says it is not plotting President Muhammadu Buhari’s downfall, but it reserves the right to critique him. “Check the Bible,” the official statement said. “There was never a time a bad ruler was spared from criticism.”

This Sunday, Mother’s Day, ranks among churches’ highest-attended services of the year, challenging pastors to capitalize on the bigger crowds while navigating the sensitivities of the holiday.

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