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Tuesday, August 18, 2020

The end of the world is nigh?

Joe Biden's Catholic politics are complicated, but deeply American
Religion News Service: In spring of 1980, Pope John Paul II had one of the longest meetings of his fledgling papacy. It wasn't with a world leader, a U.S. president or even a secretary of state. It was with a 37-year-old Joe Biden, a U.S. senator barely a year into his second term.

Amid the pandemic, are Americans virtually church-hopping out of ease or envy?
Deseret News: New findings from Pew Research Center say that around 60% of those attending virtual services have viewed those of another congregation.

Democrats tap array of faith leaders to speak at convention
Associated Press: Reflecting Democrats' interest in interfaith engagement, four faith leaders from three religious traditions are scheduled to speak on Thursday, the convention's final day.

The end of the world is nigh? All the more reason to help each other here and now
The Guardian: Christianity has been predicting an imminent apocalypse since its earliest days but the world only burns if we let it.

Jerry Falwell Jr. dreaded the spotlight. Then came Donald Trump.*
The Washington Post: Falwell Jr. transformed from a shy, reclusive real estate developer and lawyer nervous in public settings to a highflying national figure -- known not only for his leadership of the country's most prominent evangelical university but also for his zealous public defense of President Trump.

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