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Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Pope Jokes with Nun: ‘Don’t Bite!’

General Audience

Pope’s General Audience (FULL TEXT): On Acts of the Apostles 27: 15, 21-24

God’s Care for St. Paul Demonstrates His Care for Us
General Audience

Iraq, Lebanon, Syria: In the Saddest Moments

Pope’s Message to Christians of the Middle East
General Audience

Pope Jokes with Nun: ‘Don’t Bite!’

A Reminder of the New Year’s Eve Incident?
Natural and human disasters

President of US Bishops Offers Prayers for Puerto Rico Earthquake Victims

‘The Church in the United States stands with you.’
Episcopal Conferences

President of US Bishops Issues Statement on Escalating Tension with Iran

‘We must pray urgently that our world’s leaders will pursue dialogue and seek peace’

Pope Appoints Apostolic Visitator for Ethiopian Faithful of Alexandrian Ge’ez Rite Resident in Europe

Fr. Petros Berga, of the clergy of the diocese of Haarlem-Amsterdam, Netherlands
Eastern Churches

Eparchy of Abu Qurqas Erected in Egypt

Election of Its First Bishop
Pope & Holy See

Pope Appoints New Bishop of Northampton, England

Canon David James Oakley
Pope and Holy See

Pope at General Audience: Like Paul, May the Lord Sustain Our Trials & Open Our Hearts

‘Paul’s sea voyage, full of peril and salvation, can serve as a symbol of God’s providential care for us’
Pope and Holy See

‘I Am Close to the People of Australia,’ Says Pope Francis

Invites Faithful at 1st General Audience of New Year to Join Him in Praying for Country Being Devastated by Fires

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