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Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Pete Buttigieg has made religion central to his campaign

Many churchgoers in U.S. don't know the political leanings of their clergy
Pew Research: During election years, many Americans hear at least something about politics at their place of worship. But a recent Pew Research Center survey finds that churches and other houses of worship are not strongly political environments, at least according to the people in the pews.

Why Pete Buttigieg has made religion central to his campaign*
The New York Times: The former mayor is not only trying to bridge ground within the Democratic Party, he's also making a direct appeal to disaffected conservatives who cannot stomach President Trump.

Benedict XVI has asked Cardinal Sarah to have his name removed from the book on priestly celibacy
America: A statement from Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI said that he did not co-author the book with Cardinal Robert Sarah, and this morning, he asked the Guinean cardinal to have his name removed as co-author.
Associated Press: Vatican tamps down clamor over Benedict's new celibacy book

Fast Company: Workaholics are more likely to love their jobs and find meaning at work, but at the cost of sacrificing physical and personal well-being.

Amid abuse scandals, legal challenges test clergy reporting exemptions
Christianity Today: Implications for church leaders loom as Montana reverses $35M judgment and other states continue tightening reporting laws.

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