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Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Zen meditation and mindfulness movement are not Christian prayer

Spanish bishops say that Zen meditation and mindfulness movement are not Christian prayer
The Spanish bishops’ conference said that the “mindfulness” movement and other eastern meditation techniques cannot be considered a “properly...
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Burundi official calls for laicization of bishops over election message
Government officials in Burundi have accused the country’s bishops of spreading hatred and division following a message from the bishops warning of violence and corruption in...
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Study: 6% of US seminarians have experienced sexual harassment, abuse or misconduct
A new study has found that six percent of U.S. seminarians have experienced some form of sexual harassment, abuse or misconduct; another four percent said they might have...
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Chinese churches made to replace Ten Commandments with Xi Jinping quotes
Christian churches in China have been ordered to take down displays of the Ten Commandments and replace them with quotes from Chinese President Xi Jinping, according to...
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Padre Pio carried Christ crucified in his flesh, Capuchin minister general says
Padre Pio, who had the physical marks of Christ’s passion on his body, showed Christ crucified to the world, Minister General Fr. Roberto Guerin, OFM Cap., said during a Mass...
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