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Saturday, September 14, 2019

God Bless Our Catechists with Pastor Carlos

God Bless Our Catechists

Last Sunday and Monday our sacramental preparation programs started. Each year we have a large number of students in our programs, and this year is no exception.

In the previous years that I have been here at the parish, I noticed that there would be no parking left for our Mass attendants at the 11:30 AM Mass. In the Spring I asked for suggestions in order to resolve the situation. One of our parishioners gave me the idea to change catechism to Sunday afternoons after the 1:00 PM Mass and before the 5:30 PM Mass. So we are implementing the suggestion, and God willing, the adjustment will ease the traffic congestion that we used to have in the parking lot.

A large program like ours demands the organizational and relational gifts of our very committed director of religious education, Mrs. Eneida Scoby, and our several catechists who make it happen. Many thanks to Mrs. Scoby and to our catechists who once again will share the faith with our youth, as well as the adults in need of initial instruction in Catholic teaching.

Although faith is a gift from God, it comes by hearing about what God has done, and by seeing the example of sincere Christians around us. I was blessed to receive the gift of faith from the example of my parents and grandparents, and one uncle who was very patient with me when I was an inquisitive teenager.

Our catechists play a major role in the mission of our parish, in fulfilling their vocation of assisting parents and grandparents in communicating to their children the good news of God’s love for us in Jesus Christ. May you continue to fall in love with God, and to seek to better understand Church teaching, so you can continue to teach others and to share the love you experience in and through Jesus Christ.

God bless, Fr. Carlos, OSA

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