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Wednesday, June 5, 2019

The complex role of faith in the women's suffrage movement

The complex role of faith in the women's suffrage movement
Religion News Service: Religious convictions compelled many to campaign on behalf of women's suffrage -- and many to fight hard against it.

Southern Seminary leadership nixes idea of reparations for historically black college
Baptist News Global: A Southern Baptist seminary that in February lamented its historical ties to slavery is unwilling to make monetary reparations to a nearby historically black Baptist college.

Moscow's patriarch eyes Paris, and an Orthodox battle brews
Religion & Politics: Cath├ędrale Saint-Alexandre-Nevsky has found itself caught in the middle of a growing dispute between the two most powerful episcopal figures in the Orthodox Church.

Exhibit suggests 'peaceful pluralism' among ancient Jews, Christians and pagans
National Catholic Reporter: The Metropolitan Museum of Art exhibit focuses on "a constellation of local communities negotiating their distinctive identities in a world of great imperial powers."

Who's afraid of Arabic numerals?
The New York Times: CivicScience polled, "Should Americans, as part of their school curriculum, learn Arabic numerals?" 56 percent of respondents said, "No."

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