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Thursday, June 13, 2019

Southern Baptists face sex abuse 'crisis' with litany of lament

Abuse victim advocates pledge to keep fighting for reform in the Southern Baptist Convention
Baptist News Global: Survivors relegated to a sidewalk outside the meeting hall demanded a system to make it harder for clergy predators to move from church to church.
Religion News Service: Southern Baptists face sex abuse 'crisis' with litany of lament

Evangelical publisher's Africa-themed Bible school kit had kids pretending to be slaves
HuffPost: Group Publishing has since revised its "Roar" curriculum for vacation Bible school and has issued apologies.

What is 'sanctuary' for a black immigrant family in the US?
Rewire.News: The Thompsons may be the only Black family in sanctuary, but they want you to know they are a family first and asylum seekers second.

The social justice sector has an internal racism problem
Sojourners: After nine months at a nonprofit where Itzbeth Menjívar was the first woman of color in an executive role, she was forced to leave due to discrimination from the young, liberal, white, woman executive director.

China frees church leader after 6 months in detention
The New York Times: A key figure in one of China's best-known churches was released on bail this week.

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