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Tuesday, June 11, 2019

‘Never betray your penitents’

Is California’s governor headed for a canonical rebuke?: Canon lawyer Ed Peters says Gov. Gavin Newsom could face severe penalties under Church law if he signs bill requiring priests to violate seal of Confession
Bakersfield police and fire vehicles will soon display “In God we Trust” decals: Divided city council approves placement of U.S. motto on patrol cars and firetrucks
Padre Pio relic venerated at Diamond Bar parish: Catholics from around Los Angeles archdiocese pack parish hall at St. Denis Church to celebrate saint's birthday, view fingerless glove relic

‘Never betray your penitents’: Oakland Bishop Michael Barber uses ordination homily to warn new priests never to violate seal of confession, regardless of what the law may say
Archdiocese of New York relents on remains of Archbishop Sheen: Long legal battle over the late archbishop's burial place ends; archdiocese now says it will help in transfer to Cathedral of St. Mary in Peoria, Illinois

Vatican lowers boom on gender theory: "Revolution driven by relativism"

Redwood City officials seek to blackball Chick-fil-A: Will restaurant hang rainbow flag at San Jose airport?

Oxnard College student sees God as torturer: "We have proof of evolution with the flu"

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