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Thursday, May 30, 2019

Why politics may kill white churches

$40 million for 400 students: Morehouse donation highlights an inequitable new normal
Forbes: This gigantic act of charity would not be necessary if we recognized the troubling trends in how we support higher education and its disproportionately negative impact on diverse student populations. 
The Atlantic: Robert Smith's real gift to Morehouse

Survivors of sexual abuse by nuns want greater visibility for their claims
NPR: Victims of sexual misconduct by nuns say their claims have been swept aside in the larger reckoning around sexual abuse by male Catholic leaders.
The (London) Guardian: Children were abused at homes run by nuns, Scottish inquiry finds

Thank God ICE deported a 53-year-old pastor. Lutherans everywhere can rest easy.
The Chicago Tribune: Rendón Madrid was obviously a clear and present danger, as she had spent the past two months selfishly commuting two hours to Racine, Wis., to serve as the temporary pastor at Emaus Lutheran Church.

Evangelical financial watchdog faces scrutiny over backing of errant megachurch
Religion News Service: In December, ECFA issued a statement saying that Harvest was in compliance with its rules. Not long afterward, church officials admitted misleading ECFA.

Why politics may kill white churches
Religion News Service: Both Catholic and Protestant churches have undergone a dramatic political shift in the last two decades that may undermine their ability to attract outsiders.

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