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Friday, May 3, 2019

Christian persecution 'at near genocide levels'

Why Evangelical megachurches are embracing (some) Catholic traditions
America: Some now recite the Nicene Creed, offer Communion every Sunday and teach their members about the liturgical calendar.

Christian persecution 'at near genocide levels'
BBC: An ongoing study warns that the religion "is at risk of disappearing" in some parts of the world, pointing to figures which claimed Christians in Iraq have fallen from 1.5 million before 2003 to less than 120,000.

'Who's doing Christianity right?' At Taylor University, Pence invitation highlights evangelical divide.
Religion News Service: When news broke last month that Pence would speak at Taylor University's upcoming commencement, students had strong, mixed feelings.

American Jews and Muslims are 'natural allies' with close bonds, study finds
HuffPost: Both groups have endured religious discrimination. Both have had houses of worship desecrated. And both are increasingly seeing the other as allies.

Nations stirring up nationalism betray their mission, pope says
National Catholic Reporter: "Migrants are not a threat to the culture, traditions and values of the nation that welcomes them," the pope said.

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