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Wednesday, May 29, 2019

A Remedy for the Abuse of Language

A Remedy for the Abuse of Language

Edvard Lorkovic

The line between medicine and poison is a fine one. The same drug can cure when administered by an expert and harm, if not kill, when misapplied. Some drugs always cause harm, but are consumed for some apparent benefit; they, too, are pseudo-medicinal. This is true for souls as much as it is for bodies. […]

The Dramatic Rejection of Liberal Politics in Canadian

James Porter Craig

The political landscape in Canada is rapidly changing. In addition to the conservative governments of Manitoba and Saskatchewan, there is a blue wave sweeping across the Dominion. Right of center parties are gaining more and more ground: Doug Ford in Ontario last year; Jason Kenney’s recent win in Alberta; Blaine Higgs in New Brunswick; François […]

The Medieval and Catholic Roots of American Democracy

Andrew Latham

Ask a typical college student today who “invented” American democracy and you’ll likely be told “the Founding Fathers, of course.” If you’re lucky, that typical student might then go on to tell you a bit more: that the historical roots of the American republic are to be found in the political traditions of early modern […]

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