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Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Rethinking Baptismal Preparation

Vermont Pols Think the New Yorker Is an Authority on Abortion

Carrie Christofferson Handy

Operating out of the national spotlight that is focused on late-term abortion legislation around the U.S., Vermont legislators are quietly seeking to enshrine their already exceptionally broad abortion policies into state law. Unrestricted abortion is already permitted for any reason, at any stage of pregnancy in the Green Mountain State, but that hasn’t stopped lawmakers […]

Rethinking Baptismal Preparation

John M. Grondelski

Baptism is often relegated to the back of our thoughts. For most Catholics, it occurred in infancy and is, therefore, not a personal memory. For still too many parishes, baptism remains a quasi-private event sequestered someplace after Mass on the occasional Sunday, rather than an integral part of the regular Sunday Mass. The truth is […]

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