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Tuesday, January 15, 2019

North Texas Church pays off entire district's school lunch debt

'The resilience of religion in American higher education'
Inside Higher Ed: Authors discuss new book about the diversity and strength of religion in academe -- as well as some of the tensions.

From the Bible Belt, EWTN shapes world Catholic news
Religion News Service: Leaders of the Eternal Word Television Network have spent the better part of four decades quietly building a Catholic media empire that spans the globe.

After 24 years, scholar completes 3,000-page translation of the Hebrew Bible
NPR: Literary scholar Robert Alter talks about his new translation of the Hebrew Bible.

Heavenly Bodies was the most popular exhibit in the history of the Met -- Here's why that's a problem
Religion Dispatches: Were the curators afraid of offending their Vatican partners or were they were simply unwilling to take the religious content seriously?

Church provides furloughed members with gift cards during shutdown: 'When our community hurts, we hurt'
ABC News: A community in Texas has rallied around federal employees who are living without pay due to the ongoing government shutdown.
NBC DFW: North Texas Church pays off entire district's school lunch debt

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