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Saturday, January 26, 2019

I pray in tongues every day, says archbishop of Canterbury

I pray in tongues every day, says archbishop of Canterbury
The (London) Guardian: Church of England leader tells Christian radio station he speaks in tongues as part of 5 am prayer.
The (London) Guardian: Justin Welby's speaking in tongues makes sense to his evangelical tribe   

How can one person take us closer to racial justice? These three bywords will help
Religion News Service: Christians must undertake courageous and urgent action to correct historic wrongs and their ongoing ramifications.

Offerings doubled by contactless collections: Church of England digital giving scheme to go nationwide
Christian Today: The successful trial of contactless offerings in the Church of England has led to an extension of the scheme across England and Wales, according to the company behind it.

Trump's evangelical base has shrunk
Religion News Service: Jerry Falwell Jr. and his fellow leaders may be standing firm, but when it comes to the evangelical rank in file, maybe not so much.

Disturbing the silence
Aeon: The writer and Trappist monk Thomas Merton embodied a paradox, chasing both the purity of silence and the need to break it.

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