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Tuesday, November 6, 2018

The worry of being killed in church and the safety we are promised

Faith groups mount election turnout efforts that could help both parties
Religion News Service: This year's heated midterm contests appear to have sparked unusually robust efforts by faith-based organizations to galvanize supporters and move the political needle.

Why this shrinking religious group might be among America's last "swing voters"
Vox: White mainline Protestants are the only religious group to have shifted on Trump.
Vox: Why (white) evangelicals still support Trump

The worry of being killed in church and the safety we are promised
Mockingbird: Christians are a group of people who follow a guy who died. On purpose. So safety is the last thing we should expect of Him, says Sarah Condon.

After the Pittsburgh synagogue shooting
Inside Higher Ed: Interfaith activities always grow after racist and anti-Semitic attacks. The trick is to focus the energy on building something hopeful, not just fighting something ugly, says Eboo Patel.

One-on-one with Tim Keller about reaching skeptics with the gospel
Christianity Today: "If you can answer people's questions and also learn how to question people's answers, that's how you can approach having these conversations."

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