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Thursday, November 1, 2018

The 'crisis' of the migrant caravan is one of misperception

The language of violence and the sound of white people clapping
Baptist News Global: Our times, already out of hand, were compounded this October. We've all got to take stock of our country and ourselves, Bill Leonard says.

'God is going to have to forgive me': young evangelicals speak out
The New York Times: Six young evangelicals, all deeply involved in their churches, offer the textured sound of the rising evangelical voice in America, one that is often drowned out by white elders.
The Conversation: Evangelical Christians are racially diverse -- and hold diverse views on immigration
Religion Dispatches: Election survey: White evangelicals remain cultural outliers on race, Trump, immigration

Preaching gospel of love and justice, William Barber mobilizes progressive Christians
NPR: A passionate preacher, anti-poverty activist, and civil rights leader, the Rev. William Barber has emerged as perhaps the most important figure in progressive U.S. Christianity, even while serving his small local congregation.

He gave Christian researchers $100 million. Now his legacy lives on through their work.
Christianity Today: Longtime Lilly Endowment executive Robert Wood Lynn dedicated his career to helping Christian institutions continue to make meaningful contributions to the shifting society around them.

The 'crisis' of the migrant caravan is one of misperception
America: For xenophobes, the caravan has created the perfect visuals to trigger white demographic anxiety: young brown people headed north.
National Catholic Reporter: El Paso: What the rest of the country gets wrong about the border

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