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Tuesday, November 6, 2018

How Many Migrants Can a Nation Absorb?

Gender Ideologues Threaten Alberta’s Christian Schools

Joseph Woodard

Canada has suffered an unreported revolution. In times past, revolutionaries first seized the radio stations, dominating the public narrative. Today, in the Age of Public Administration, they seize the faculties of education. Their “long march” through the Canadian schools has taken fifty years, but today, their dominion seems unchallenged. In September, Alberta’s provincial Department of […]

How Many Migrants Can a Nation Absorb?

John Paul Meenan

The migrant caravan is like something out of a future, apocalyptic dystopia—or to go back in time, perhaps an image from Exodus—where thousands of men, women, and children trudge a thousand miles under the hot tropical sun across hot tarmac and dirt roads, hoping to just fall down on America’s doorstep, looking for opportunities not […]

Finding True Meaning in the Modern World: Willa Cather’s Death Comes for the Archbishop

Jane Clark Scharl

To live as an American and as a Catholic is no small challenge, for America is fundamentally a modern project and Catholicism is decidedly not. The driving force of modernity (which began with the Protestant Reformation) can be summarized as “self-discovery”; to be a modern is, essentially, to exist in a constant state of self-awareness—specifically, […]

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